" Always had dark circles and always have been insecure about them. This stuff significantly lightens the darkest areas under my eye. i love this stuff. "

" I've been using Sudden Change for years. I almost don't feel like myself without out. I've never found anything better for my under-eye's and I like to stick with what I know works! "

" I was impressed with how easy the product was to apply and how instantly gratifying it was to see it transform the skin under beside my eyes. It is a great secret weapon to have on hand for occasions when I want to look my absolute best. "

" I wake up every morning with an assortment of ‘under-eye issues’… dark circles and puffiness are my main concerns. To be honest, I was really skeptical if I would see results from sudden change, but you can see the noticeable improvement in the before/after photo. "

" Needless to say, I love this stuff! Overall, the serum is fabulous. It is easy to use, provides a quick lift to your under eye area, you feel it working right away, and it is under $15 which is pretty good price to me. "



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